Cost Calculator

for a Cataract Instrument Set

This graph is designed to illustrate the cost savings of a D&K reusable titanium cataract instrument set compared to a competitor supplying single-use instruments.
Please insert your own data into the relevant fields in order to find out how much you could save with D&K reusable titanium instruments. See disclaimer for an explanation of the current illustration details / input data.
  Instrument Description D&K (reusable) Price   Single-use Price  
  Simple adult speculum £   £  
  Forceps (toothed or notched) £   £  
  Cross-action capsulorhexis forceps £   £  
  Nucleus manipulator / rotator & chopper £   £  
  Bi-manual irrigation handpiece £   £  
  Bi-manual aspiration handpiece £   £  
  Additional Information  
  Number of reusable instrument sets required:  
  Number of cataract operations per week:  
  Cost of sterilising reusable instruments and phaco handpiece (large tray) £  
  Cost of sterilising phaco handpiece only (small tray) £  
  Number of repair/replace reusable instruments per month:  
  Savings in 1st year            
  Savings in 2 years            
  Savings in 3 years            
  Savings start after           
Disclaimer – A cataract set comprising of 6 instruments: speculum; toothed forceps; cross-action capsulorhexis forceps, nucleus manipulator / rotator and bimanual irrigation and aspiration handpieces. Illustration based upon an eye unit performing 2000 cataract operations per year with sterilising and cleaning costs of £30 per instrument tray and £20 for the phaco handpiece only. Assumption that a minimum of 28 reusable cataract sets will be required and may incur a reusable repair / replacement rate of 4 instruments per month. The costs of sterilising are intended as a guide and include an average expense of the handling and packaging involved. Prices are set as a guide only and can vary depending on instrument variations.
D&K Essential Cataract Set
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