Combined Paufique knife and lamellar corneal dissector. Paufique knife used for starting lamellar corneal dissection and also to extend while peeling back superficial corneal tissue. Also used for undermining the periphery of host lamellar corneal bed which helps to prevent development of a step at the anterior host donor junction when implanting a donor lamellar that is thicker than excised host lamellar. Paufique knife also used to for removing lamellar host tissue down to level of Descemet’s membrane. Lamellar corneal dissector is used to create a lamellar corneal plane via a peripheral corneal pocket or to widely extend a lamellar dissection that has been started with Paufique knife. Designed to separate lamellae and to stay within a plane. Corneal lamellae can be rapidly seperated with this instrument without the need for lifting and turning back lamellar flap. After separating the layers, lamellar corneal button may be excised with scissors.

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