Used for patients with poor zonular support during routine phaco. Example: Capsulorhexis has been performed and phaco begun. Extreme zonular weakness is discovered, phaco tip is removed from eye and chamber is filled with viscoelastic; individual Retractors are inserted to capture margins of capsulorhexis. Gradual tightening of each retractor provides excellent fixation of capsular sac and fornices. Phaco and cortex removal are completed in standard fashion (this is in contrast to situations when an endocapsular ring has been inserted and cortex removal is extremely difficult due to entrapment of cortex by the ring). After cortex removal, an endocapsular ring is inserted and the Mackool Cataract Support System / Retractors are removed through phaco incision.

Before following the Duckworth & Kent Instrument Care Instructions it may be necessary to take these additional steps to ensure that the above products are clean and ready for sterilisation.
1) Clean the silicone discs by using a sterile wipe with a soapy water solution to remove any debris.
2) Wipe the wires with a sterile detergent wipe sliding the silicone disc up and down to ensure that all the wire is cleaned.
3) Use Sterilising Case, ref: 6-135 or 6-135-1, to secure the Mackool Cataract Support System for sterilisation.